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About Me

I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness, something I inherited from my father, an avid runner and health food proponent. I spent my high school years playing volleyball and running cross country, two passions that still bring me much joy and satisfaction. But it was in 2008 that I discovered my true athletic calling, a discipline of women’s competitive bodybuilding, known as “Figure”. Unbelievably, this all began as the result of a car accident that injured my neck and back in 2002. For the following 6 years, I found myself in constant pain and felt that I had exhausted all options at a full recovery. It was then that a friend suggested that I look into strength training as a remedy. Needless to say, I was intrigued and within a few short weeks, I was hooked. I was so excited that I immediately earned my personal trainer’s certification and began preparing for the upcoming competitive Figure Season. My goal was to be a serious, natural competitor and positive role model for women and girls of all ages. In 2009, I entered my first regional Figure Competition and was delighted to win 1st place in my category.
Shortly after that first show, I decided to take some time off from competing to focus on some exciting personal adventures, knowing that I would be back on that stage one day soon. During the next two years, I got married and spent a lot of time building my personal training business, but the urge to compete was growing strong once again.
I was thrilled when I won the Overall Figure category at my first regional show in 2012, at the Henderson Thorne Classic in Ancaster, ON, the first step in an exciting comeback. Later that year, I was back in Ancaster, competing at the OPA Natural Provincials where I took the Overall FIgure Champion title once again. This latest win opened the door for me to compete at the National Natural Championships in Winnipeg, MB, where I placed 2nd in my category and met some great competitors!! It was shortly after this National show that the Canadian Body Building Federation (CBBF) approached me to compete as a member of the CBBF Team Canada at the World Women’s Championships in Kiev, Ukraine, in September 2013. The World Championships was an incredible but intense experience that earned me an 8th place finish against some of Europe’s most impressive Figure Athletes.
In August of 2013 I had the privilege of competing at one of the best run shows I’ve ever attended at Gary Udit’s North American Championships in Pittsburgh PA. Here, I earned a 2nd place in my Figure division as well as a 2nd in Masters Figure. It was this show that encouraged me to compete at the 2014 Arnold Amateurs in Columbus, Ohio where I would go on to earn my IFBB Pro Card by placing 1st in Figure Open, 1st Masters Figure class and the Overall Masters Figure Title. One of the greatest moments of the “Arnolds” weekend was having my photo taken with my lifelong hero, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!!! I look forward to taking the step onto the Pro Stage in the near future.



Some of my competitive accomplishments:

(1st) Place Figure Open Arnold Amateurs 2014
(1st) Place Figure Masters Arnold Amateurs 2014
(1st) Place Overall Masters Figure Title Arnold Amateurs 2014
(2nd) Place Figure IFBB North American Championships 2013
(2nd) Place Figure Class A CBBF Canadian National Championship 2013
(1st) Place Figure Overall 2012 Ontario Provincial All Natural Championships (OPA)
(1st) Place Figure Short 2012 Ontario Provincial All Natural Championships (OPA)
(1st) Place Figure Overall 2012 Henderson Thorne Bodybuilding Championship (OPA)
(1st) Place Figure Medium 2012 Henderson Thorne Bodybuilding Championship (OPA)
(2nd) Place Figure Medium 2012 Sudbury Classic Bodybuilding Championships (OPA)
(1st) Place Figure Short 2009 Sudbury Classic Bodybuilding Championships (OPA)