Team FXJ: Amanda

client testimony blog amanda summary
“I have been on a much more healthier lifestyle for the last 10 years, with a combination of eating clean, exercising , and weight training with different programs online. But after so long, you just want more real results, which is why I decided to contact Jessica.   She most definitely delivers real results! Jessica is extremely knowledgeable about diet and exercise, very understanding to all your doubts and fears, right on point with motivating chats, and inspiring quotes. Most of all, she is compassionate, and dedicated to her athletes. Man did I ever feel lucky to have her in my corner throughout this whole process of my first competition!”


Team FXJ: Julie

julie martin client testimonial summary
“On May 23rd, I successfully competed in the Sudbury Classic Bodybuilding Championships earning 1st place in Figure 2. I want to highlight the word successful. I am a very strong believer that success is not gained by earning a trophy or medal (that is just bonus or should I say icing on the cake), success is so much more. I am successful because I found balance in all aspects of my life. I set aside 135 days of contest preparation that I was fully committed to while balancing various life commitments and embracing the process.”


Team FXJ: Ashley

ashley laberge client testimonial summary
”I am lucky and incredibly thankful to have a strong support system in my life, as my family and friends have always believed in me and pushed me to believe in myself. I also owe thanks to my coach Jessica MacMillan for guiding me along this journey and for taking me from a clueless hopeful to a worthy competitor. Throughout my prep and competition with the OPA, I have been privileged to meet the most amazing people who are positive, motivated, and inspire me to be the best version of myself. This lifestyle has truly become a passion for me and I think it shows.”


Team FXJ: Heather

heather bryston client testimonial summary
”…One day I logged onto my computer and I saw the person I knew would take me to the next level; that woman I've had on my desk top for almost a year, Jessica MacMillan ......  I thought to myself, "what do I have to lose, ask her".  That was the beginning of my real journey.  I stepped on the Sudbury Classic Stage one more time and came home with 1st place in Figure 4.  It wasn't easy, the training was hard, the emotional roller coaster was crazy at times but my friends, family and Jessica helped pull me through it.
My Journey is not over, and I am extremely grateful to have Jessica MacMillan still by my side coaching me to the next level.”

Team FXJ: Stacey

stacey trottier blog testimonial summary
”…5 months ago I started training under the guidance of my coach Jessica Macmillan who's knowledge and support combined with my determination and hard work completely changed my body. This past weekend I competed in my first OPA Masters and Open Bikini Competition, I had such an amazing experience. The event was very well organized, everyone was friendly and helpful and my fellow competitors were so nice and encouraging. It was a day I will never forget. I felt beautiful and confident and was able to show off my hard work on stage in front of my family and friends. Thank you to everyone at the Sudbury Classic Championship for putting on such a great event!’

"Project Big Boy" January 7, 2015 Update

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Mike Strickland has been a real inspiration here at over the past year. His amazing fat loss and subsequent muscle gain has been simply amazing. Mike’s original story was featured in an earlier FXJ blog entry titled, “Congratulations to Mike Strickland!!! Amazing Fat Loss” which outlined his one year journey to shed 80lbs of unwanted body fat. This second entry talks about his entry in the “Project Big Boy” Program and his subsequent muscular gains.


Congratulations to Mike Strickland!!! Amazing Fat Loss

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2014 was an amazing year for Mike Strickland who lost over 80lbs by exercising on a regular basis and supplementing his diet using a variety of Perfect Nutrition products that I suggested he try. His transformation has been incredible and I am very proud of him. Read Mike’s first hand testimonial by clicking the Read More link.


Dirty Fat Burner (D.F.B)

Dirty Fat Burner summary
Cardio getting boring? Quick and dirty fat burners can be done in 45 min or less and are an extremely effective total body workouts with the intensity of HIIT and yet fully qualified to be a superior strength training session. If you’re not sure why we call them Dirty Fat Burners (DFB) try one and you will see they more than live up to their name. These are not for the faint at heart but for those looking to up their athletic game and shred in record time. I suggest incorporating a Dirty Fat Burner(DFB) into your regular routine at least once a week. If you’re training a 5 day split this is a killer way to hit all muscle groups twice, a proven method to shock and stimulate growth

Perfect Protein Granola Bars

fruity granola bars summary
It’s back to school time again, so I’ve decided to post a great, healthy, protein and fibre packed snack. Perfect Protein Granola Bars are great for lunches, a snack on the go, or an amazing post-workout recovery treat.


"Whey" Better Berry Protein Crisp

blueberry-crisp summary
Here’s another tasty, guilt-free, and protein packed dessert just in time for blueberry season!! TIP: If you’re looking for a little extra exercise, go out and pick your own berries.


Low Fat Blueberry Protein Frosting

perfect blueberry protein frosting summary
A simple and delicious, protein packed, blueberry frosting that’s low fat. As always, made with Perfect Nutrition’s French Vanilla Diesel Whey Isolate.


Perfect Protein Blueberry Muffins

perfect blueberry muffins summarysize
Blueberries are in season so it’s time to do some baking with this anti-oxidant, vitamin rich, super food!! One of my favourite, protein packed, blueberry recipes is my Perfect Protein Blueberry Muffins made with freshly picked berries and, as always, Perfect Nutrition’s Vanilla Flavoured Diesel Whey Isolate.