Perfect Protein/BCAA Packed Creamsicles

Here’s a delicious and healthy treat to help you beat the heat during those tough summer workouts that can make you sweat extra hard, robbing you of your electrolytes and possible gains. Packed with BCAAs, Electrolytes, and Protein, these delicious creamsicles are easy to make and are super refreshing. Can be mixed in 5 minutes and ready to enjoy after a couple of hours in the freezer. Great for that post workout kick or great way to beat that sweet tooth. Read More...

Perfect Chocolate Protein Coffee Cake

perfect protein chocolate cake summary
If you’re serious about working out and chocolate, then let me offer you a slice of bodybuilding heaven!! I believe that I have perfected the ultimate bodybuilder’s guilt-free, dream desert, the Perfect Chocolate Protein Coffee Cake tastes amazing and is packed with protein. Check out my Perfect Protein Peanut Butter Frosting recipe if you’d like to take this already amazing desert to the next level!


Perfect Banana Protein Muffins

banana-muffins summary photo
Delicious and protein packed, these banana muffins are awesome. Great for breakfast on the go or a post pump carb!!!


Protein Peanut Butter Frosting

protein peanut butter frosting summary photo
Here’s a great, low-fat, protein packed alternative to traditional “butter cream” frosting, that is so tasty, you may never eat regular frosting again!!! Makes a delicious topping for protein pancakes, brownies, and, muffins. The main ingredients are Greek Yogurt, Peanut Butter, and Protein Powder (I prefer Perfect Nutrition’s All Natural Diesel Whey Isolate for all of my protein packed baking).