Perfect Protein French Vanilla Latte

Jessica MacMillan IFBB Figure Pro Perfect Cafe Latte
This is an amazing and quick little recipe I’ve tried in the past but never had great success with until now. I’ve finally been able to master the recipe by using the Perfect Nutrition Diesel Whey. I’ve always had a bit of a problem trying to get other protein powders to completely dissolve but because Diesel mixes so well, it is ideal in this recipe!! What a way to start a day of health and wellness.

You’ll Need:
1 scoop French Vanilla Diesel (or Milk Chocolate for a Mocha latte)
Favourite Coffee

Stir the protein powder with 1/4 cup chocolate or vanilla Almond Milk (optional, works great with or without)
Pour coffee on top and stir......or mix this directly into your shaker there is no excuse to miss breakfast!

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