Dirty Fat Burner (D.F.B)

Dirty Fat Burner summary
Cardio getting boring? Quick and dirty fat burners can be done in 45 min or less and are an extremely effective total body workouts with the intensity of HIIT and yet fully qualified to be a superior strength training session. If you’re not sure why we call them Dirty Fat Burners (DFB) try one and you will see they more than live up to their name. These are not for the faint at heart but for those looking to up their athletic game and shred in record time. I suggest incorporating a Dirty Fat Burner(DFB) into your regular routine at least once a week. If you’re training a 5 day split this is a killer way to hit all muscle groups twice, a proven method to shock and stimulate growth

Perfect Protein Granola Bars

fruity granola bars summary
It’s back to school time again, so I’ve decided to post a great, healthy, protein and fibre packed snack. Perfect Protein Granola Bars are great for lunches, a snack on the go, or an amazing post-workout recovery treat.